“Unapologetically Miley: Singer flaunts lingerie and feathered trousers in cheeky bathroom photo, channeling her iconic song ‘We Can’t Stop'”

She has made her way to New York City ahead of her upcoming performance as the musical guest on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Miley Cyrus has been busy building anticipation for her appearance on the NBC comedy show through her social media posts. With billionaire Elon Musk set to host the show, Cyrus turned up the glamour in a recent post, showcasing her sex appeal. In a series of photos, the singer looked stunning in a white tank top and sheer pants as she quoted lyrics from her 2013 hit “We Can’t Stop” in the caption, adding a playful touch to her post.

Posed: Miley Cyrus has been working overtime on her social media to hype up her appearance on the NBC sketch show, which will be hosted by Tesla and SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk , as she upped the sex appeal in a post on Thursday

Miley Cyrus has been putting in extra effort on her social media to build anticipation for her upcoming appearance on the NBC sketch show, hosted by tech mogul Elon Musk. In a recent post, she turned up the heat by posing between bathroom stalls, using the unconventional setting to enhance her glamorous look. Sporting a revealing top that showcased her numerous arm tattoos, she paired it with skin-tight pants adorned with black ostrich feathers, reaching down to cover her black heels. To round off her outfit, the former Hannah Montana star wore long black PVC gloves, along with chunky gold bracelets and multiple necklaces for added flair.

Exotic look: In a series of snaps, the songstress was seen wowing in a bathroom in a white tank top and sheer trousers while quoting her 2013 hit We Can't Stop in the caption, to write: 'Everyone in line in the bathroom. Trying to get a line in the bathroom'

Unique Appearance: The singer stunned in a recent set of photos, showcasing an exotic vibe as she posed in a white tank top and see-through pants in a bathroom setting. She added a touch of nostalgia by referencing her 2013 hit “We Can’t Stop” in the caption, humorously highlighting the common scene of people waiting in line for the bathroom.

Promo: Miley, 28, struck her poses while standing between two sets of stalls with shiny metal doors and joked: 'Everyone in line in the bathroom. Trying to get a line in the bathroom'

Promo: The 28-year-old star Miley confidently flaunted her poses in a quirky bathroom setting, humorously commenting, ‘Looks like everyone’s queuing up for the bathroom. Bathroom line vibes, am I right?’ Miley is gearing up for a performance with The Kid Laroi on SNL, and her bathroom selfies are at the forefront of her promotional strategy for the show. Just before heading out for rehearsals, she treated her fans to a bathroom selfie capturing her post-fashion and makeup session glow. Sporting her signature bleach blonde hair in a tousled style, Miley accentuated her look with bold black lashes and a glossy lip color.

The Hannah Montana alum added to her ensemble with long black PVC gloves and she accessorized with chunky gold bracelets and several necklaces

The former Hannah Montana star added a stylish touch to her look with long black PVC gloves and accessorized with bold gold bracelets and multiple necklaces. In a photo posted on Instagram, she struck a pose against a bathroom wall, holding her phone up to the mirror, captioning it with “Feelin this way today.” Sporting a one-shoulder colorful printed dress, she completed her outfit with plenty of chunky gold accessories. She was later spotted leaving the Bowery hotel in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood, accompanied by her mother Tish, still rocking the same eye-catching ensemble.

Sizzling: She looked incredible in the stunning look

On fire: She absolutely rocked that amazing outfit.

'Feelin this way today:' Also Thursday, Miley posted a glam bathroom selfie to Instagram before heading out to rehearsals for Saturday Night Live

“How I’m feeling today:” On Thursday, Miley shared a glamorous bathroom selfie on her Instagram, right before going to rehearsals for Saturday Night Live.

Made a statement: She was seen in the same ensemble leaving the Bowery hotel in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City Thursday with her mother Tish Cyrus in tow

She was spotted wearing the same outfit as she exited the Bowery Hotel in New York City’s NoHo area on Thursday, accompanied by her mother Tish Cyrus. The day before, she had posted a selfie taken in the airplane bathroom during her flight from LA to NYC. For the journey, Miley sported a black oversized graphic hoodie and grey sweatpants featuring red anarchy symbols on one leg. She added a touch of flair with a loosely tied gingham print tie around her neck and playfully posed in the compact restroom space for the camera.

On Wednesday, she'd shared bathroom selfies time taken on board her flight from LA to the Big Apple

The singer goofed around for the camera in the tiny airline bathroom

Floating above the clouds: Earlier this week, she posted some bathroom selfies taken while traveling from LA to NYC. The singer playfully posed for the camera in the cramped airplane lavatory.
While Miley Cyrus is making headlines for her SNL appearance, Brody Jenner, son of Caitlyn Jenner, has been speaking out about his former wife Kaitlynn Carter’s brief relationship with the Wrecking Ball singer back in 2019.
Brody mentioned that he was surprised by Kaitlynn’s involvement with Miley, especially since she had never shown any interest in women before, as far as he knew.
In a preview of the upcoming season of The Hills: New Beginnings, Brody expressed his feelings on the situation by saying, “The whole lesbian thing was pretty intense.”

Meanwhile, Brody Jenner was seen addressing estranged wife Kaitlynn Carter's brief fling with the Wrecking Ball songstress in a trailer for reality show The Hills: New Beginnings on Thursday

Brody Jenner recently confronted his estranged wife, Kaitlynn Carter, about her short-lived relationship with singer Miley Cyrus in a teaser for the reality show, The Hills: New Beginnings. During their conversation, Brody expressed his surprise, noting that Kaitlynn had never mentioned her interest in women before. Despite Kaitlynn’s response that his remarks were unfair, Brody stood by his assertion that she had previously conveyed she was not attracted to females. This on-screen exchange between Brody and Kaitlynn is the first time he has openly discussed her involvement with Miley.

Kaitlyn had a brief fling with Miley in 2019 after the Hannah Montana alum split from husband Liam Hemsworth and in t whole lesbian thing was gnarly.'

Former flames: Kaitlyn and Miley had a short-lived romance in 2019 following Miley’s separation from husband Liam Hemsworth. In a video, Brody expressed his thoughts by saying, “The situation with Kaitlyn and Miley was pretty intense.”

The way they were: Brody, 37, the son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, and Kaitlynn were never legally married in the US and split in 2019 after five years together

Their relationship status: Brody, aged 37, born to Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, never officially tied the knot with Kaitlynn in the United States. They called it quits in 2019 after being together for five years.

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