“Katy Perry’s Neon Glow-Up: The Stylish Evolution at Prismatic World Tour’s Opening Night in Belfast”

In another article by Hanna Flint, it was noted that Miley Cyrus was making waves in London with her bold antics. On the flip side, Katy Perry took the stage in Belfast with a more lighthearted and sweet approach. She started her Prismatic World Tour at the Odyssey Arena, captivating the crowd with her colorful outfits and belting out her hits. One of the standout moments of her concert was the Egyptian-inspired segment, where Perry went from a majestic Cleopatra on a horse to a cute pink cat in a jumpsuit. Check out the video below to witness her amazing performance.

Queen of Egypt: Katy Perry kicks off her Prismatic World Tour like Cleopatra

Katy Perry, the current pop music royalty, transforms into a modern-day Cleopatra as she kicks off her highly-energetic Prismatic World Tour.

Extravagant: The show was clearly a big budget one for Perry as she opened the tour at Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Extravagant: Perry’s live performance was truly a spectacle as she launched her tour at Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Her wardrobe of designer ensembles included pieces from top names like Valentino and Roberto Cavalli, as well as Jeremy Scott’s collaboration with Moschino. Adding to the excitement, Katy even strutted the catwalk for Jeremy’s debut as creative director at Milan Fashion Week. Before the concert, Katy unveiled the full set list, which featured different enchanting themes like Prismatic, Egyptian, Cat-oure, and Acoustic for each section. Not to mention, she delighted the crowd with throwback moments, bright hyper neon displays, and an unforgettable encore.

Role model: Katy Perry was voted the most admired celebrity by Girl Talk readers

Katy Perry, known for her influential music career and iconic status in the pop world, was hailed as the favorite celebrity among readers of Girl Talk magazine in a recent survey.

Role model: Katy Perry was voted the most admired celebrity by Girl Talk readers

Renowned pop superstar Katy Perry has been hailed as the top idol by enthusiastic supporters of Girl Talk. According to a recent survey by the publication, Perry was declared the most esteemed and revered figure in the history of celebrities. Enjoying the love and admiration of her dedicated fan base, Perry’s remarkable impact and motivational story have solidified her position as a true role model for up-and-coming talents.

On stage: The tight-fitting leotard showed off Katy's trim picture to perfection

On stage: The tight-fitting leotard showed off Katy's trim picture to perfection

In the show, Katy’s silhouette was perfectly highlighted by the tight leotard she had on.

Like an Egyptian: Even Katy's dance moves were stuck with her theme

Katy Perry’s dance moves were perfectly in tune with the Egyptian-inspired atmosphere she had created.

Moving up: The singer was lifted up by her dancers

Going up: The dancers lifted the singer high above.

Pop princess: The singer looked comfortable on her make shift throne

The music sensation looked relaxed and comfortable as she elegantly took her seat on her makeshift throne.

Agile: The tight costume gave Katy freedom to move around the stage during her performance

Agile: Dressed in a form-fitting outfit, Katy moved gracefully across the stage, demonstrating her flexibility and ease of movement during a mesmerizing performance.

Colourful: The singer dispelled any myths that her tour might have been any less vibrant than her Californian Dreams tour in 2011

Colourful: The singer dispelled any myths that her tour might have been any less vibrant than her Californian Dreams tour in 2011

Dynamic and lively: The gifted singer proved any doubts wrong that her latest tour wouldn’t be as electrifying as her memorable Californian Dreams tour from 2011.

Bow down: Katy was in top form for her extensive tour

Katy Perry put on an incredible show during her extensive tour. She made sure to remind her fans not to miss #ThePrismaticWorldTour by sharing a photo. The concert kicked off with the popular anthem “Roar” from her newest album, and she continued to impress the audience with hits like “Part of Me” and “Wide Awake”. The event was a fantastic tribute to her album, Prism, as she wowed the Irish attendees with songs like “Legendary Lovers”, “By the Grace of God”, and “Walking on Air”.

No nonsense: Katy loked like she meant business as she wielded a whip in her hands

Simply put, Katy looked determined and focused as she tightly gripped a whip in her hand.

Ready to battle: Her outfits were a lot more demure than Miley Cyrus' for her Bangerz tour

All set for the big event: Her outfit selections for the Bangerz tour were noticeably more conservative in comparison to Miley Cyrus’ usual style.

Stallion: Katy made a grand entrance on a golden horse

Upon arrival, Katy made a grand entrance on a stunning golden stallion.

Royal: Katy kept a regal pose and dancers moved the horse

Katy held herself with regal poise as the dancers elegantly guided the horse’s movements.

Details: Clearly no expense was spared for the tour

It’s clear that money was no object when planning this extravagant trip.

Feilne great: Katy later changed into a fetching tight-fitting pink catsuit with ears to match

Katy became a stunning kitty with her stunning pink catsuit that accentuated her curves, paired with a perfect set of matching cat ears.

Meow: Katy looked to be having a great time as she performed on stage in her fetching pink catsuit

Katy was absolutely loving every moment as she displayed her skills on stage, looking fabulous in a dazzling pink catsuit.

Mcavity! Katy seemed inspired the musical Cats! for her next costume change

When Katy heard the name Mcavity, it immediately brought to mind the famous musical Cats! This sparked some creative ideas for her upcoming costume makeover.

Designer: Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and Jeremy Scott for Moschino have contributed to her wardrobe

Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, and Jeremy Scott from Moschino have each made a noteworthy contribution by incorporating their distinctive style into her clothing line.

Katy Purry: The singer unleashed yet another one of her alter-egos

Katy Purry is back with a brand new alter ego, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

Purrfect: The singer has always incorporated feline themes in her music and outfits

Perfect: The singer has always managed to effortlessly incorporate aspects inspired by cats into her music and style over the years.

The mane attraction: Katy clearly put on a good show

The standout quality was definitely Katy’s exceptional performance, which had everyone spellbound.

Cheeky drink: Katy made sure to raise a glass to the launch of her tour

Spirited toast: Katy made sure to raise a glass to celebrate the start of her concert tour.

Bottoms up: She merrily sipped her drink

Hurray! She happily sipped on her drink with a big smile on her face.

Multi-coloured: Katy also wore another outfit which featured two smiley faces covering her breasts

Katy rocked a colorful outfit today, featuring a fun and happy design on her top with two smiley faces front and center.

Hands up: She kept the crowd's energy up throughout the night

Put your hands up: She managed to keep the crowd’s excitement high all night long.

Happy: The star stripped off into a bra featuring two smiley faces on it

Happily: The famous person playfully showed off her bra decorated with two smiling faces.

Striking: Katy stood out in the tight-fitting black and yellow leggings and yellow jumper

Striking: Katy stood out in the tight-fitting black and yellow leggings and yellow jumper

Show-stopping: Katy’s outfit turned heads with its bold mix of black and yellow leggings paired with a bright yellow jumper, grabbing everyone’s gaze effortlessly.

Raven-haired beauty: When she didn't have smiley faces covering her assets, Katy showed off her cleavage in one incredibly colourful outfit

Exuding an allure that captivated onlookers, Katy flaunted her stunning black locks and boldly displayed her neckline in a colorful outfit that didn’t need any gimmicks to make a statement.

Standing out: The star's injection of colour did not end there as she wore a huge skirt with several striking patterns on

The standout performer effortlessly added a pop of bright colors to her outfit, making a bold statement. But she didn’t stop there – she confidently showed off a large skirt adorned with an array of striking patterns.

Sing along: She encouraged the crowds

Join in and sing along with the talented singer.

Laid back: Katy was afraid to get down

Relaxed: Katy was feeling hesitant about disembarking.

Loud and proud: Katy also strutted her stuff on stage in a palm leaves bra

Katy exuded confidence as she took the stage, rocking a bra adorned with tropical palm leaves. The crowd went wild as she belted out her hit songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘Firework’, and ‘California Gurls’. Not one to disappoint, Katy wowed everyone with a mashup of ‘This Is How We Do’ and ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’. While some critics have drawn comparisons to Lady Gaga for her bold fashion choices, Katy’s unique style and personality shine through. Fans can catch her on the first leg of her global tour with 17 UK performances, including four headline shows at London’s iconic O2 Arena from May 27 to 31.

Showcasing her pins: Katy later changed into fetching a crop top and short skirt combination

Katy decided to show off her stunning legs by choosing a captivating outfit, pairing a cropped top with a mini skirt.

Be careful: The star had to be careful she didn't showcase a little too much in the outfit

The celebrity had to be careful not to show too much while wearing the outfit.

Lean: Katy had her enviably slim legs on display

Katy proudly flaunted her slim legs, making others green with jealousy.

Up close: Katy was happy to get near her fans

Being among her fans brought Katy immense joy as she cherished the opportunity to interact with them up close.

Set list: Katy posted all the songs she would sing on the Prismatic World Tour ahead of her first gig

Katy shared the entire set of songs she was going to play at her first concert of the Prismatic World Tour on her social media.

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