Unseen Snaps: Hailey Baldwin Rocks a Bikini in Hawaii, Enjoying a Fun Day in the Water

Hailey Baldwin’s physique is her prized asset, earning her a lot of attention. The 20-year-old Guess model didn’t hesitate to flaunt her toned figure during her beach escapade in Hawaii with close friends. She seemed to have a great time frolicking in the waves and soaking up the sun on Waikiki Island after attending a wedding celebration on the same island. The extended vacation definitely provided her with ample relaxation and blissful moments.

She's got it! Hailey Baldwin, 20, had no problem showing off her enviable figure in a crocket bikini while on a beach getaway in Hawaii with some friends over the weekend

Hailey Baldwin, who is just 20, confidently flaunted her attractive body in a cute crocheted bikini during her recent beach vacation in Hawaii with her friends.

Showing it off! Flaunting her enviable abs, Hailey donned a baby pink crochet style bikini with black detailing

Hailey proudly displayed her toned abs by wearing a cute pink crochet bikini with black accents. She was definitely showing off her amazing figure!

Beachy fun!  The blonde bombshell showed off her flat stomach in the warm Hawaiian waves

Enjoying the sun, sand, and sea, the attractive blonde flaunted her toned abs while taking a dip in the tropical waters of Hawaii.

Hailey proudly displayed her toned midriff by donning a charming baby pink crochet bikini with sleek black accents. The intricately detailed swimsuit hugged her perky backside, accentuating her long and toned legs. To keep her hair away from her face, the blond beauty slicked it back after taking a dip in the water and accessorized with a sizable beaded necklace around her neck. Photographed frolicking on the sand, Hailey appeared carefree and joyous, smiling at her companions.

Letting loose: The Guess model looked to be enjoying herself as she laid down in the warm sand

Relaxing and unwinding: The pretty Guess model appeared to be relishing the moment as she lay down on the soft sand, basking in the warm sun.

 Tired? She looked relaxed as she laid her head on her arm to avoid getting sand in her ear

Exhausted? She appeared at ease while resting her head on her arm to prevent any sand from entering her ear.

Pert posterior: The young model showed off her toned booty while rolling around in the sand

A firm derriere: The youthful model exhibited her sculpted rear end while frolicking in the sand. Hailey exuded a calming vibe as she sauntered barefoot on the beach, taking the time to unwind and recharge. Subsequently, she immersed herself in the waves, allowing them to consume her body as she lay near the shoreline. The gorgeous blonde couldn’t help but chuckle as the waves drenched her, causing her to wipe the briny water from her eyes.

Strong waves: She then decided to get into the water, letting them engulf her entire body as she laid down close to the shore

Powerful sea currents: Without hesitation, she ventured into the ocean, allowing the forceful waves to wash over her body while reclining near the coastline.

Salty: She tried to avoid getting the salt water in her eyes, but didn't appear to succeed

She attempted to steer clear of the saline water from entering her eyes but it seemed like her efforts went in vain.

All fun and games: Despite the waves engulfing her body, Hailey seemed to he having a great time

Having a blast amidst the waves, Hailey Baldwin appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself. The reason for her presence on the island was to attend the wedding ceremony of Justin Bieber’s close friend – photographer Joe Termini and Kelia Moniz in Honolulu. The young celebrity shared a picture on social media with the bride as they both ventured into the sea wearing swimsuits. The photo was accompanied by a caption that expressed her joy for being there and wished Kelia a happy birthday and wedding. It was quite an enjoyable weekend for Hailey, as she stated it to be the best ever.

Friendly frolics:  She met up with some friends as they all took a dip in the warm Pacific ocean

Casual playtime: She hung out with her buddies while they played in the balmy waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Clowning around: The model looked like she was having a good time with some pretty friends

Having Fun: The supermodel appeared to be enjoying herself in the company of her gorgeous friends.

Nice to sea you! Hailey was in Hawaii for a wedding and shared a snap with the bride captioned: 'best weekend EVER! Love you @keliamoniz happy birthday and happy wedding'

Hey there! Hailey recently visited Hawaii to attend a wedding and posted a picture with the bride accompanied by the message: ‘I had the best weekend ever! @keliamoniz, love you and wishing you a happy birthday and a happy married life.’

Bikini babe: Hailey Baldwin seemed to be making the most of her weekend in Hawaii as she stripped down to her bikini for a sultry selfie on Monday

Over the weekend, Hailey Baldwin enjoyed her time in Hawaii with friends and shared a sultry selfie on Monday while wearing a bikini. It appears that Hailey wanted to have some fun as her father’s house is set to go up for foreclosure auction on March 16 at Rockland County Courthouse. Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com revealed that Stephen took out an $812,500 loan to purchase his New York home in 2000, where he and his wife, Kennya, were supposed to pay nearly $7,000 a month on their mortgage. Unfortunately, Deutsche Bank filed a foreclosure lawsuit against them in 2013 for defaulting on their loan by failing to make payments.

Still pals: The nuptials were between Hailey's ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber's best friend, photographer Joe Termini and Kelia Moniz in Honolulu

Hailey attended the wedding of Joe Termini, Justin Bieber’s best friend and photographer, to Kelia Moniz in Honolulu, proving that they are still friends. However, it seems that Stephen, unlike Hailey, has fallen behind on his mortgage payments, owing nearly $800,000 to Deutsche Bank since 2011. Despite the bank’s pleas for him to pay his debt, the actor completely ignored the lawsuit, which led to the debt snowballing to an astonishing $1.1 million. Eventually, Stephen appeared in court to try to dismiss the foreclosure lawsuit and save his property from being auctioned off.

Moving out: Hailey was out following the news that her father Stephen is set to lose his house. Pictured with (L-R) Kennya Baldwin, Stephen and Caroline Ryan

Hailey left home after hearing that her father, Stephen, was going to lose his house. In the picture, she is seen with Kennya Baldwin, Stephen, and Caroline Ryan.

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