Uniquely Quirky: Margot Robbie’s Epic Surfing Fail in a White One-Piece on Romantic Getaway with Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie, who will be portraying Harley Quinn in the upcoming film Suicide Squad, has already had quite an eventful summer. While enjoying a romantic vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend Tom Ackerley, the 26-year-old actress was seen taking a tumble off of her surfboard.

Wipe out: Margot Robbie was spotted taking a fall while surfing on Holiday in Hawaii last week

Margot Robbie took a tumble while surfing on her Hawaiian vacation recently.

Gorgeous: The 26-year-old actress looked fantastic for the day of fun in the sun

Stunning: The 26-year-old female performer appeared amazing for her day of enjoyment under the sunshine.

Just the two of us: She was joined by boyfriend Tom Ackerley

It was a cozy twosome: Her beau, Tom Ackerley, accompanied her.

Last week, Margot gracefully fell after having a wipeout while enjoying a day of fun in the sun. She looked stunning in a white one-piece that highlighted her amazing physique, featuring buttons holding the low-cut neckline together. With her blonde hair up in a messy bun, she opted for a natural makeup look that complemented her features. Margot truly knows how to rock a skimpy swimsuit with confidence and style.

Good form: She laid flat on the board while waiting for the waves

Great posture: With a board beneath her, she lay flat waiting for the waves to come.

Helping hand: The 26-year-old film director pushed along the actress

Lending a hand: The young filmmaker of 26 provided assistance to the actress by pushing her forward.

Balancing act: She managed to hop up and stand on the board

Maintaining equilibrium: With impressive skill, she hopped onto the board and stood with poise.

In limbo: She did an impressive back-bending move

In limbo: She did an impressive back-bending move

In an uncertain state: She executed a remarkable contortionist maneuver.

Surfs up: Margot definitely seemed to know what she was doing out there

Margot appeared to be a pro at surfing as she confidently navigated the waves.

Going with the flow: Margot showed off her impressive balance

Margot displayed her exceptional balance while surfing and her partner Tom was present to cheer her on. He even gave her a gentle push before she glided across the water with ease. Margot effortlessly lay flat on the board and then stood up to ride the wave, gracefully ending with a fall. Along with her surfing skills, Margot also showcased her photography talent, capturing a moment with a vintage Polaroid camera.

Making a splash: She sported a white one-piece

Diving in: She rocked a single-piece swimsuit in white.

Relaxed: Margot looked a little cool as she walked around in the Pacific Ocean

Relaxed: Margot looked a little cool as she walked around in the Pacific Ocean

In a very chilled manner, Margot strolled around the Pacific Ocean, exhibiting an air of composure.

Watch your step: She lifted her arms to try and keep her balance while walking along

Be careful where you step: she raised her arms in an attempt to maintain stability as she strolled along.

Ready to rock: Earlier she was pictured putting the board on the water

All set to go: She was previously seen placing the board onto the tranquil water surface.

Moving on: The Suicide Squad actress pushed it along

Moving forward: The female lead from Suicide Squad propelled it forward.

Kicking it: Margot held onto the board while moving away from the shoreline

Chilling by the beach: Margot clutched onto her surfboard as she paddled further from the shore. Her beau, Tom, assisted her by applying sunscreen to her back before she caught some waves.

The talented Aussie actress and the assistant film director have been an item ever since they crossed paths in 2013 while filming Suite Francaise.

Living life simply, Margot and Tom share a humble abode in Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Stunner: No doubt she was enjoying the surfing trip

She was definitely having a great time on her surfing adventure.

Ready to shred: She showed off her pert posterior while grabbing her board

Geared up for some action: With her board in hand, she proudly displayed her toned backside.

Fantastic figure: Margot looked in great shape

Margot appeared to be in excellent physical condition with a fantastic physique.

In a snap: She not only flexed her surfing muscle but also her photography one

In an instant: She showcased not only her surfing skills but also her talent in photography.

Like what you see? The blonde beauty smiled as she picked up the camera

The stunning blond grinned as she lifted the camera, pleased with what she saw through the lens.

Wearing protection: Before hitting the water she could be seen applying sunblock

Wearing protection: Before hitting the water she could be seen applying sunblock

Before getting into the water, she was spotted putting on some sunscreen for protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

What a gent: Tom rubbed even more cream on her back

Tom’s kind gesture continued as he applied an additional layer of cream onto her back.

Dynamic duo: After moisturizing, they made their way toward the ocean

The unstoppable pair: Following their moisturizing routine, they strolled towards the sea. Previously, they shared a house in Clapham where intrigued bystanders spotted them grocery shopping at Sainsbury’s and indulging in fast food at McDonald’s. Hushed whispers circulated that they had tied the knot in secret after being observed sporting gold bands, but no such accessories were visible during their vacation in Hawaii. Speaking with Vogue in May, Miss Robbie praised her significant other as the most handsome man in London. She also disclosed that prior to their relationship, she was living the single life to the fullest.

Missed a spot? She was spotted rubbing her elbow while walking on the sand

Oops, did she miss a spot? She was caught rubbing her elbow as she strolled along the sandy beach.

Loved up: No doubt the couple enjoyed their holiday together

Smitten: There’s no denying that the pair relished their vacation as a twosome.

Excited? Margot frolicked on the beach

Feeling thrilled? Margot played joyfully on the sandy shore.

Gorgeous: She had her blonde locks in a bun

Stunning: Her hair, a shade of blonde, was elegantly tied up in a bun.

Fun times: Margot picked up her board before more surfing in the Pacific Ocean

Having a blast: Margot grabbed her surfboard and headed out for another ride in the vast Pacific Ocean.

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