“Shakira’s Bootylicious Moments: A Celebration of Her Confident and Curvy Physique that Kept Fans Begging for More”

Shakira has posted some stunning photos on Instagram, showing her looking incredibly fit and toned in a sheer maroon bodysuit. The 43-year-old pop star shared some behind-the-scenes snaps from her latest music video, “Te Felicito,” which features Rauw Alejandro. Shakira jokingly captioned the post by asking if everyone dresses like that for an evening in.

Shakira's Abs And Legs Look Totally Sculpted In A Sheer Bodysuit

After generating more than 11 million views on YouTube in just six days, it’s no surprise that Shakira’s fans went wild when she shared a picture. One of her followers commented, “Wow, you’re smoking hot!” while another said, “You’re on fire, queen!” Shakira is well-known for her energetic dance moves on stage and in her videos, which require significant endurance. To keep up with the demands of her performances, she works with Anna Kaiser six days a week. Shakira prioritizes consistency in her workouts, focusing on strength, cardio, stamina, power, and flexibility. Their 90-minute dance interval workouts blend cardio, strength, and vinyasa flows. However, Shakira is willing to adjust her fitness routine when necessary, such as for lengthy rehearsals.

Shakira's Abs And Legs Look Totally Sculpted In A Sheer Bodysuit

According to Kaiser, Shakira had a lengthy dance rehearsal in the afternoon, so they focused on an hour of pure strength training in the morning. On days with extended physical dance rehearsals, Shakira begins with a shorter workout, which lasts for only 20 minutes. Her preferred short workouts comprise high-intensity interval training circuits, strength training, and swimming exercises. In terms of her diet, Shakira consumes fresh vegetables and proteins. For breakfast, she opts for eggs or avocado with tomato, olive oil, and sea salt, followed by a plant protein smoothie with greens or green powder. Later in the day, she might have a salad or soup with fish or pork chops, and dark chocolate serves as a quick snack.

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