“Hailey Baldwin’s Miami Holiday Look: A Pink Hair Makeover and Matching Swimsuit to Kickstart the New Year!”

Hailey Baldwin showed off her vibrant new look on the first day of the year, sporting a pink hair color while soaking up the sun in Miami. The 21-year-old model rocked a matching pink bikini as she enjoyed the start of the new year at the beach. Check out the video below for more!

New look for a new year: Hailey Baldwin debuted newly colored pink hair as she sunned herself in Miami on Monday

Hailey Baldwin has revealed her new look for the year ahead with a fresh and vibrant pink hair color. The model was spotted relaxing in Miami while soaking up the sun with some of her female friends. Hailey has been enjoying the warm weather in Florida since the festive season, and her evenly bronzed body shows that she’s been making the most of it. As the daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece of Alec Baldwin, Hailey is no stranger to a life in the limelight.

Beach day: The 21-year-old has been soaking up the sun in the Florida resort city since Christmas

A day at the beach: Since Christmas, the 21-year-old has been enjoying the warm Florida weather in the popular resort city, basking under the sun.

Sun kissed: She's certainly been working on her tan as she showed off her evenly bronzed body

Radiant under the sun: It’s evident that she’s spent some quality time soaking up the sun as her perfectly tanned skin was on display.

In the pink: Her hair shade matched that of her skimpy bikini which showed off her model figure

Looking rosy: The color of her hair perfectly matched the hue of her revealing swimsuit, accentuating her stunning physique.

Flawless: She completed her beach day look with a pair of large black-framed sunglasses and a dark shade of pink lip color

Incredibly Stylish: To complete her perfect outfit for a day at the beach, Hailey rocked a pair of oversized sunglasses with black frames and a gorgeous dark pink lip color. She had been sporting her iconic blonde locks until Monday, when she decided to switch it up with a new hair color. She tied her freshly dyed tresses into a bun at the back of her neck, which looked stunning on her. Hailey also accessorized with some gold earrings and her favorite diamond statement ring on her left hand. With such an impressive style, Hailey was definitely turning heads at the beach!

Change of color: The model wore her freshly colored locks tied into a bun at the nape of her neck. Up until Monday, the beauty had sported her signature blonde tresses

Change of color: The model wore her freshly colored locks tied into a bun at the nape of her neck. Up until Monday, the beauty had sported her signature blonde tresses

The model had her hair freshly dyed and tied it up into a bun at the back of her neck. Prior to Monday, she was known for her iconic blonde locks.

Blinged: The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin accessorized with several gold earrings and wore her favorite statement diamond band on her left hand ring finger

Dazzling: Hailey, the offspring of Stephen Baldwin, adorned herself with multiple golden earrings and flaunted her beloved diamond band on her left hand’s ring finger. The model shared a selfie on Instagram on Monday to showcase her new style to her followers. The picture captures her sipping on a beverage, with her pink-streaked tresses tucked behind her ears and some loose strands cascading around her face. Her matching pink lipstick and a hint of black mascara enhance her seductive gaze, making her look alluring as she stares directly at the camera.

Out with the old: Hailey alerted her fans to her new look by sharing a selfie to her Instagram Monday. In the snap, she's pictured sipping on a drink during her New Year's Eve night out

Hailey surprised her followers by revealing her fresh appearance through a selfie posted on Instagram on Monday. The snapshot captured her enjoying a beverage during her New Year’s Eve celebration. Later that day, she was spotted wearing high-waisted white slacks featuring vibrant vertical stripes and white sneakers, while carrying a black leather bag and neon green athletic shoes. Besides, Hailey also took the time to take a photo with one of her fans while returning to her hotel after spending time on the beach.

On the move: As she headed back to her hotel, Hailey rocked a pair of high-waisted loose white slacks with colorful vertical stripes and a pair of white tennis shoes

While making her way towards the hotel, Hailey sported a trendy look with loose white slacks that had vibrant vertical stripes. She paired these pants with white tennis shoes, giving her outfit a relaxed yet stylish vibe.

Cool: The model also made time to pose for a picture with a fan

Awesome: The fashion icon even managed to spare a moment to take a snapshot with one of her admirers.

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