“Hailey Baldwin Rocks the Runway in Eye-catching Couture at Moschino Show in LA”

At only nineteen years old, Hailey Baldwin exudes body positivity and fashion sense. She recently modeled Moschino’s 2017 collection in Los Angeles, wearing a bold and flamboyant couture ensemble that turned heads. The outfit consisted of a colorful bustier top paired with high-waisted flares, topped off with a matching hat that rested playfully on her long blonde hair. Hailey also sported a tiger-striped jacket and carried a leopard print tote, adding to the already striking outfit. Check out the video below to see her strut her stuff on the runway!

Bright and beautiful: Hailey Baldwin, 19, couldn't be missed in a fantastically flamboyant couture ensemble on Friday as she took to the runway to model Moschino's 2017 Women's Resort collection in Los Angeles

Body confident: The model's second look was equally as eye-catching as she stripped off into a pink floral bikini set which she teamed with a billowing pyschedelic cover-up

The Moschino 2017 Women’s Resort collection fashion show in Los Angeles was graced by the presence of Hailey Baldwin, a stunning 19-year-old model who turned heads in her flamboyant couture ensemble. Her first look featured a quirky hat and a billowing, psychedelic cover-up paired with a pink floral bikini set, while her second look was a pink floral bikini set with a smaller blue clutch, blue floral earrings, and a matching necklace. Hailey’s toned figure looked flawless as she strutted down the runway in platform heels, leaving onlookers envious of her endless legs and toned tummy. Despite the chaos backstage, Hailey appeared right at home as she prepared to dazzle on the catwalk.

Successful walk: Hailey posed with fellow model Jordan Barrett after strutting her stuff

Hailey was captured in a photo alongside fellow model Jordan Barrett after a successful walk on the runway. They both looked fabulous as they posed for the camera.

Evenly matched: The models playfully stuck their tongues out at one another while stood in matching outfits

Equally matched: The models had a playful moment as they stuck their tongues out at each other while wearing matching outfits.
Bold and confident: Each vibrant design exuded personality, making a bold fashion statement with every outfit.

Visionary: Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio were in a playful mood as they posed beside designer Jeremy Scott

The two fashion icons, Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio, were seen in a jovial state as they stood next to designer Jeremy Scott. Meanwhile, Devon Aoki rocked a short minidress paired with quirky baggy trousers and bright yellow platform heels.

Boyfriend's ex: Orlando's ex-wife Miranda Kerr walked the runway at the Moschino show

Boyfriend's ex: Orlando's ex-wife Miranda Kerr walked the runway at the Moschino show

My partner’s former lover, Miranda Kerr, rocked the Moschino runway with her stunning looks. The men in the show also showed off their bold and bright sides by strutting down the catwalk in a range of eye-catching outfits.

Front row: Caitlyn Jenner, dressed in a black minidress adorned with smoking lips, sat next to Katy Perry in the front row of the show

Seated in the front row of the event was Caitlyn Jenner, sporting a stylish black minidress embellished with smoking lips. She was accompanied by Katy Perry, who sat beside her.

Snapping pics: Candis Cayne joined Caitlyn in the FROW, who was seated next to Katy - who is dating Orlando Bloom - who stood out in a skin-tight embellished gothic-inspired outfit

Taking photos: Candis Cayne sat with Caitlyn in the front row, while Katy Perry – who is in a relationship with Orlando Bloom – drew attention with her striking, figure-hugging gothic-inspired ensemble.

Awkward? The body language from Katy Perry, who was seated next to the star, was a little unfortunate

Did you notice how Katy Perry’s body language seemed a bit uncomfortable while sitting next to the celebrity? It was quite awkward to observe.

Pop star: The singer transfixed in her all-black ensemble

Pop star: The singer transfixed in her all-black ensemble

The pop sensation captivated the audience with her dark and edgy outfit, fully decked out with sparkling embellishments.

Mixing it up: Amber Rose was uncharacteristically covered up for the occasion but embraced the colourful theme with a stylish orange blazer

Amber Rose opted for a unique look by covering up her usual revealing attire and adding her own spin to the colorful theme with a chic orange blazer.

Happy! Vanessa Hudgens rocked a monochrome minidress

Leggy display: Christina Milian wore nothing but an oversized white Moschino sweater

The girls have arrived! Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing a stylish monochrome minidress, while Christina Milian opted for an oversized white Moschino sweater. They were both waiting patiently behind the scenes for the fashion designer’s presentation in Los Angeles, along with other famous models who were being prepped for the event. Hailey, wearing a comfortable grey Moschino top and unique platform sneakers, appeared relaxed while stylists put the finishing touches on her look. She even took a quick phone call with a friend while getting her nails filed. With her edgy and chic appearance, Hailey’s loose waves and textured long bangs perfectly complemented her overall style.

Backstage veteran: Hailey Baldwin didn't even break a sweat as she waited in the wings for Moschino's runway show in Los Angeles on Friday

Experienced backstage observer: Hailey Baldwin appeared calm and composed while waiting behind the scenes for Moschino’s fashion show in Los Angeles on Friday.

Multitasking model! As one assistant filed down her nails, Hailey caught up with a friend over a quick phone call

The multitasking queen Hailey managed to have a relaxed chat with a friend over the phone while her assistant filed her nails.

Peace out: Looking edgy and chic, Hailey's hair 'do added to the affect with its loose waves and textured long bangs

Take a chill pill: Hailey’s hairstyle was totally on point with loose waves and long, textured bangs that added to her edgy and chic appearance.

All in a day's work: Her hair style was completed with the help of two metal clips, and, once the pins were removed, smiled brightly from the comfort of her chair

In a typical day’s routine, Hailey’s hair was styled with a pair of metal clips and she beamed with a smile as soon as the pins were taken out. Her makeup artist had given her a flawless look, with a bronzy blush and glossy lips that made her complexion radiant. While an assistant was fixing her hand, Hailey sat calmly on a makeup chair, showing no signs of anxiety.

Skin is in: Her radiant complexion was picture perfect with a bronzed glow of blush and glossy lips

Skin is in: Her radiant complexion was picture perfect with a bronzed glow of blush and glossy lips

The focus is on skin: Her stunningly beautiful skin had a flawless radiance, with a bronzed blush and a glossy lip finish.

Girl time: Miranda Kerr was chic and edgy, sporting a white Moschino crop top, skintight black trousers, and a pair of summery heels for a pop of colour

Spending quality time with the girls calls for a stylish wardrobe, just like what Miranda Kerr wore. She looked effortlessly chic and edgy with her white Moschino crop top and skintight black trousers. To add a pop of colour, she opted for summery heels that completed her fashionable look.

Social butterfly: The 19-year-old squeezed a gal pal before hitting the catwalk 

Sociable teenager: Prior to walking the runway, the 19-year-old hugged a female friend.

Making a statement: Designer and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott was unmissable in a flamboyant ensemble

The Moschino men’s Spring 2017 collection and women’s resort wear took the spotlight during a star-studded backstage event. Designer and Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott made a statement with his flamboyant ensemble, while model Hailey mingled with Miranda Kerr who looked chic and edgy in a white Moschino crop top, black trousers, and summery heels. Cindy Crawford, her husband Rande Gerber, and their children Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber also made an appearance. The backstage event was filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming fashion show.

Fashion runs in the family: Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia Gerber posed with Jeremy

Scott for a photoshoot that showcases their stylish genes. The photoshoot gave us a glimpse of how the two stunning models perfectly complement each other’s fashion sense and looks. It’s not surprising that Kaia is following in her mother’s footsteps and taking the modeling world by storm. The shoot was truly a testament to the saying that “beauty and elegance are timeless”.

Family matters: Kaia, her big brother Presley Gerber, and father Rande Gerber took in the backstage

Kaia, along with her elder brother Presley Gerber and father Rande Gerber, enjoyed the backstage ambience with their family.

Proud mom: The beauty looked at her daughter as she opted for a similar outfit which she teamed with a classic Moschino print bomber jacket

Beaming with pride, the mother gazed at her daughter who had chosen to wear a matching ensemble. The young lady paired it with a stylish Moschino printed bomber jacket.

Still got it! Cindy combined smart and casual in an ensemble which showcased her long lean figure alongside husband of 18 years Rande Gerber

Cindy is still rocking it! She effortlessly combined smart and casual elements in her outfit, which perfectly highlighted her tall and slender physique. Plus, she was accompanied by her husband of 18 years, Rande Gerber.

Nailed it! Jourdan Dunn showed off her expertly-applied and vibrant manicure

Nice work! Jourdan Dunn flaunted her perfectly-executed and lively manicure. A picture was taken of the mother-daughter pair alongside fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who rocked an eccentric graphic print tee and a floral print jacket. Alessandra Ambrosio got all glammed up with the assistance of her makeup squad and looked breathtaking as she posed with the equally mesmerizing Miranda and Chanel Iman. Chanel’s outfit was both sporty and fashionable, consisting of a New York Yankees cap, grey top, and ripped black jeans.

Preened to perfection: Alessandra Ambrosio got all dolled up with the help of her makeup team

All spruced up: With the aid of her skilled makeup crew, Alessandra Ambrosio was flawlessly polished.

Catwalk queens: Chanel Iman, Kerr, and Alessandra squeezed in a snap amid the backstage flurry  

The backstage frenzy was captured in a photo with three stunning models, Chanel Iman, Kerr, and Alessandra. Chanel opted for a more comfortable look before strutting on the catwalk, wearing Converse sneakers. Katy Perry added a touch of glamour to the scene with her shimmering black jumpsuit that highlighted her svelte figure. Meanwhile, Colton Haynes displayed his fashion-forward style with a blue spray paint print jacket paired with distressed jeans.

Futuristic fashion: Colton Haynes sported an edgy spray paint blue jacket and ripped black jeans 

The fashion of the future was on full display as Colton Haynes strutted his stuff in an awesome spray-painted blue jacket and a pair of ripped black jeans. This edgy look was definitely turning heads and giving us a glimpse into what’s to come!

The latest wears: Kerr's Snapchat highlighted the vibrant and eye-catching fashions on display on the runway

Kerr’s Snapchat has brought to light the newest and most colorful fashion trends that graced the runway.

Runway success: Models had the audience in the palms of their hands as they retreated backstage 

Models were a hit on the runway as they left the audience spellbound and headed towards the backstage.

Simply sensational: Miranda dazzled in her vibrant and festive number in a Snapchat image

Miranda looked absolutely stunning in her cheerful and lively outfit captured in a Snapchat photo.

Hello petal! Kerr shared a Snapchat of her getting all dolled up by her glam team

Hi there, darling! Kerr recently posted a Snapchat story of her getting ready with the help of her glam squad.

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