“Hailey Baldwin: A Visual Ode to Radiant Beauty in 15 Mesmerizing pH๏tos”

Do yourself a favor and give Hailey Baldwin a follow on Instagram, especially now that she’s been named Maxim’s 2017 “World’s Sexiest Woman.” The 19-year-old blonde beauty has managed to snag the No.1 spot on the magazine’s annual Hot 100 list and graces the May cover in a steamy black lace lingerie paired with leather boots. According to Maxim, being pretty isn’t the only requirement for making their infamous Hot 100 list; you’ve got to possess some bad-assery. Fortunately, Baldwin has that in spades. She has a reputation as a provocateur, teasing the public with her relationships with Justin Bieber and making headlines with comments like “Yes, I’m pregnant and @KendallJenner is the baby mama.”

If you’re not familiar with Hailey Baldwin, let me fill you in. She comes from a famous family, being the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, who is one of the four brothers in the acclaimed Baldwin family, meaning that Alec Baldwin is her uncle. Being a model, she has had the chance to work with renowned brands like Balmain and Tommy Hilfiger, even making an appearance on the sultry Love Magazine. To top it all off, she’s had a romantic relationship with Justin Bieber and her Instagram has amassed over 10.3 million followers. Hailey is also a part of a fashion clique including celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and the Hadid sisters.

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