“Get Inspired by Shakira’s Heartwarming Online Baby Shower Photos with UNICEF”

Shakira, the popular singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, along with her partner and FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, are hosting an online baby shower on January 16, 2013. The couple is inviting their friends and fans to contribute to this event that aims to support infants who are most susceptible to danger around the world. In an undated picture shared by UNICEF, Shakira can be seen posing while she was pregnant.

During a baby shower, there are plenty of affordable yet meaningful gift options available. For instance, you can purchase a mosquito net for just $5, which can help safeguard infants against the potentially fatal disease of malaria. Alternatively, if you have $10 to spare, you can buy polio vaccines that will keep 17 kids safe from this incurable viral infection. And for $37, you can invest in a baby-weighing scale to track growth during the crucial first few years of life. These gift ideas are not only affordable but also incredibly thoughtful and impactful.

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