“Cycling Queen Shakira Flaunts Fit Physique Ahead of Berlin’s Champions League Finale”

After her husband Gerard Pique’s win at the UEFA Champions League Final on Saturday, Shakira was seen enjoying the moment. Prior to cheering him on in the stands of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the singer took a leisurely bike ride around the city with her father. She sported a trendy look in sheer black leggings with panels, a scoop-neck black Nike t-shirt, and multi-colored trainers, flaunting her slender figure.

Hot wheels: Shakira showed off her slim figure in sheer paneled black leggings as she cycled around Berlin

Shakira flaunted her svelte physique in a pair of transparent paneled black leggings as she pedaled around Berlin. The 38-year-old music sensation looked effortlessly stunning with her curly blonde locks tied back in a low ponytail underneath a black cap, sporting minimal makeup that accentuated her natural beauty. Shakira was joined by her father, William Mebarak Chadid, during her cycling session, who is a proud father of eight children from his previous marriages. Following the game between Barcelona and Juventus, the mother-of-one was spotted rejoicing in the stands.

Bike ride: Before supporting her husband from the stands at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Shakira cycling around the German city with her father William Mebarak Chadid (right)

Shakira went for a bike ride with her father William Mebarak Chadid around the city of Berlin before attending her husband’s Olympic Stadium performance. She later cheered him on from the stands.

Natural beauty: The singer wore her curly blonde hair under a cap as she rode around the city

The city’s natural beauty was accompanied by the sight of the curly blonde hair of the singer, which she tucked under a cap as she rode around. She had her youngest son Sasha in her arms, who is only five months old, while their oldest child Milan, who is two years old, celebrated with his father on the field after the match.

Shakira was visibly happy and showed her support for her boyfriend during the event. To match the occasion, she dressed her children in mini versions of their father Gerard’s soccer jersey, while she wore all-black attire to conceal her post-pregnancy body.

After the game, Gerard lovingly pointed towards his long-time partner, and they shared the joyous moment with their family and friends.

Concentrating: The chart-topping singer looked focused as as cycling around the German city

The popular singer appeared completely focused while cruising through the streets of the German city on his bicycle.

Cheerleader: Shakira was spotted reveling in her soccer stud Gerard Pique's big victory after his UEFA Champions League Final win over the Juventus Turin inside the Olympic Stadium in Berlin Germany on Saturday

Shakira, the famous cheerleader, was seen celebrating her partner Gerard Pique’s triumph in the UEFA Champions League Final against Juventus Turin at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

We did it! The 28-year-old soccer star pointed to his longtime partner sharing the moment together with their family and friends

Hooray! The soccer sensation, who is 28 years old, gestured towards his significant other while they enjoyed the occasion with their loved ones.

I see you! The 38-year-old Latin stunner showed her excitement from the stands where she was cradling youngest five-month-old son Sasha

Hey, look who’s here! The gorgeous Latin sensation at 38 years old was overjoyed as she watched the game from the stands, holding her youngest son Sasha who is only five months old. Meanwhile, her eldest son Milan joined his famous dad on the field, looking like a spitting image of his father while playing with the prestigious trophy.

The Barcelona team proved their worth during a remarkable Champions League victory in Berlin, leaving Juventus behind. Pique and his squad went on to become the first European team to win a second treble (league cup), beating Juventus 3-1. Shakira expressed her excitement for her beau’s achievement by posting on her Instagram account. She captioned a photo of the stadium filled with fans donning red, blue, and gold, saying, “We’re celebrating with our family, Milan, and Sasha – the baby of the year of the treble!!”

Number one fan: Shakira had a beaming smile on her face as she played the role of supportive girlfriend

Shakira wore a bright smile on her face while fulfilling the role of a devoted girlfriend, showcasing her admiration for her partner.

Future futbol fanatic! The two-year-old tot was able to play with the prestigious trophy on the field

Up-and-coming soccer enthusiast! A toddler, aged two, had the chance to handle the highly esteemed trophy while on the pitch.

Mini-me: Milan was dressed in the child sized jersey of father Gerard's soccer uniform

Little Milan was sporting a sweet mini version of his dad Gerard’s soccer jersey. The story of how Shakira and Gerard came to be a couple is just as charming – he appeared in her music video for the World Cup anthem “Waka Waka” in 2010, and the two hit it off. Shakira confirmed their relationship on Twitter in March 2011, and they later revealed that they were expecting their first child together in September 2012. Now, the family of four lives in Barcelona where Gerard plays at Camp Nou in Catalonia.

Go Dad! The mother-son pair cheered during the match

Go Dad! The mother-son pair cheered during the match

“Yay, Dad!” exclaimed the mother-son duo in excitement as they cheered on their favorite player during the game.

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