“Beach Babe: Hailey Bieber Rocks a Flattering Lime Green Bikini on a Paddleboarding Adventure”

Hailey Bieber recently took to Instagram to share a captivating snapshot of herself in a bikini over the weekend. In the picture, the 26-year-old model can be seen kneeling on a see-through paddleboard while surrounded by a stunning tropical backdrop. Adorned with a bright orange sunhat and sitting atop a sleek black paddle, Hailey captioned the post with the words, ‘I’m ready for summer.’ Despite the ongoing feud between her husband Justin Bieber and his ex Selena Gomez, fans couldn’t help but express their admiration for the gorgeous photo. While some anticipated negative comments from Selena’s supporters, most simply appreciated Hailey’s stunning beauty and excitement for the upcoming season.

Fun in the sun: Hailey Bieber, 26, showed off her flawless bikini body in a lime-green two-piece as she kneeled on a long see-through paddleboard on Saturday

The Rhode entrepreneur enjoyed a tropical drink as she relaxed on the beach

Hailey Bieber, a renowned 26-year-old fashion model, had a great time basking under the bright sun. She was seen showing off her flawless physique in an eye-catching lime-green swimsuit while kneeling on a see-through paddleboard during her weekend outing.

Plugging her brand: The Rhode entrepreneur wore a bright orange sun hat and a Harris Reed x Missoma necklace.  She captioned the post, 'I’m ready for summer'

The female entrepreneur from Rhode Island utilized a bright and eye-catching orange sun hat and a Harris Reed x Missoma necklace to promote her brand. She shared her enthusiasm for the oncoming summer in her post. Although she received negative feedback from trolls, her supporters came to her defense and gave her love. The model had previously faced condemnation after an old video of her mocking Taylor Swift resurfaced. This resulted in Selena Gomez taking a social media hiatus to protect her friend. Fans also accused Kylie Jenner of ridiculing Selena.

Haters: The model has been receiving substantial backlash after footage resurfaced of her mocking Taylor Swift during the time she cohosted the show Drop The Mic

Critics have been quick to voice their disapproval of the fashion model’s recent actions. This comes after a video surfaced showing her making fun of Taylor Swift when she co-hosted Drop The Mic.

Recent drama:  Selena Gomez announced she would take a break from social media to defend her 'best friend' Taylor when the old footage was unearthed

Selena Gomez has made an announcement that she will be taking a hiatus from social media. Her reason for doing so is to support her close friend, Taylor Swift, who has recently come under fire due to the reemergence of some past footage.

Selena fans troll her: Hailey has received blowback from diehard Selena fans throughout her relationship with Justin

Ever since Hailey started dating Justin Bieber, she has been the subject of criticism from Selena Gomez fans. Recently, Selena shared online that she had over-laminated her eyebrows. Later, Kylie Jenner uploaded a selfie with the text ‘This was an accident???’ placed over her eyebrows, which some fans interpreted as a dig at Selena. However, Kylie denied any feud and dismissed the accusations as unfounded. Despite trolls targeting Hailey on social media, both she and Selena have stated that they do not harbor any ill will towards each other. They even posed for photos together at an event in October 2019 to show their fans that they are on good terms. In a podcast interview, Hailey emphasized that her relationship with Selena is one of “all respect” and also refuted allegations of cheating by Justin.

Online drama: The internet is not letting the Hailey versus Selena discourse rest as fans continue to pit them against each other, seen January 10

Joining in: Supporters of Selena came to her defense as they labeled Hailey a 'mean girl' - seen in October 2022

The never-ending virtual argument between Hailey and Selena still continues as their supporters persistently compare and differentiate them. This was noticed on the 10th of January.

October 2022: Selena and Hailey sent the internet into overdrive by posing for a photo together at the Academy Museum's second annual gala; photo by Tyrell Hampton

There was a lot of buzz on the internet in October 2022 when Selena and Hailey were seen together in a photo at the Academy Museum’s second annual gala. Tyrell Hampton captured the snap.

Before Hailey: Selena had an on-off romance with Justin, who went on to marry Hailey in 2018; Justin and Selena seen in 2012

Before Hailey came into the picture, Selena’s relationship with Justin was unstable and unpredictable. Eventually, Justin chose to marry Hailey in 2018. There is a photo of Justin and Selena together from as far back as 2012.

Her health scare last year: Hailey reposted a video detailing her condition called patent foramen ovale, a hole in the heart that didn't close after birth. The supermodel was rushed to hospital last year, where doctors confirmed that she suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), more commonly referred to as a mini-stroke

Last year, Hailey had a health scare and she posted a video to talk about her condition. She has a heart issue called patent foramen ovale that occurs when the hole in the heart does not close properly after birth. Unfortunately, Hailey ended up in the hospital where she was diagnosed with a mini-stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA).

Frightening: Her small blood clot passed on its own, allowing her to fully recover within a few hours (she shared a few candid pictures of her X-ray and heart monitor last year on Instagram)

In her candid video, Haley recalled feeling a 'weird sensation' in her right arm and numbness in her fingertips before she was admitted to the hospital

Hailey marked the first anniversary of her mini-stroke survival by sharing a candid video in which she narrates the frightening experience that ultimately led to her diagnosis of a congenital heart defect. She recalls feeling an unusual sensation in her right arm and numbness in her fingertips. She then underwent tests and was hospitalized. Further examination revealed that she had suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), popularly known as a mini-stroke. Hailey’s tiny blood clot was able to pass on its own, and she recovered fully within a few hours. On Instagram, she posted personal snapshots of her X-ray and cardiac monitor.

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