“Bare Cheeks Alert! Hailey Baldwin’s T-Shirt Fails to Cover Her Rear End During Coachella Hangout”

Hailey Baldwin, a model, experienced a wardrobe malfunction during her drive from Coachella to LA on Monday. While taking a pit stop, she inadvertently revealed more than intended as she was wearing a T-shirt as a dress that turned out to be too short. The 20-year-old is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

Awks! Hailey Baldwin suffered an unintentional flash of the flesh on Monday, as she paused for a pit stop during the drive from Coachella in Palm Springs to LA

Oh no! Hailey Baldwin accidentally showed off a bit more than she intended on Monday. While driving back from Coachella in Palm Springs to LA, she took a quick break at a gas station. Wearing only a black logo t-shirt that was long enough to skim the tops of her thighs, she looked relaxed and casual for the drive, paired with white lace-up sneakers. However, as she reached up to fix her hair, she inadvertently revealed her small backside.

Ops! The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, 20, was the victim of a fashion fail as she sported a T-shirt as a dress- but misjudged its length

Oh no! The 20-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, Hailey, unfortunately experienced a fashion mishap by wearing a T-shirt as a dress that was too short for comfort. In a recent interview with Elle, she discussed the misconceptions of the fashion industry, revealing that it requires a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and time away from loved ones. She also mentioned the challenges of traveling the world alone at a young age. Hailey previously dated Justin Bieber on and off throughout 2016.

Ever since Justin Bieber went on tour in Australia, he seems to have found a new love interest in Instagram model Luciana Chamone. Interestingly, she bears a striking resemblance to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Baldwin’s daughter has been rumored to have dated some of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors such as Drake, Chris Brown, Jordan Clarkson, Lewis Hamilton and Ashton Irwin. However, in 2017, she seems to be single and solely focused on her work.

Mistake? As she stopped at a gas station during her journey back from a weekend of fun festival frolicking, she unwittingly flashed her petite posterior as she reached up to fix her hair

Did she have a slip-up? While on her way back from a delightful weekend at a festival, she made a pit stop at a gas station. Little did she know that while she was adjusting her hair, she accidentally mooned the people around her with her small derrière.

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